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    Wednesday, 21/10/2020
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S.No 1 Tender Reference No. : 7324
Field : Soil Investgation Tenders Location : Mysore
Tender Cost : Rs.1.15 Cr Closing Date : 18-08-2018
Geo-technical investigation work for building number 31 & 32 at BARC plant site, Mysore.
Source : Newspaper
S.No 2 Tender Reference No. : 7325
Field : Road Construction Tenders Location : Mangaluri
Tender Cost : Rs.602.11 Lakhs Closing Date : 17-08-2018
Widening and Strengthening of existing perimeter road at Mangaluru International Airport.
Source : Newspaper
S.No 3 Tender Reference No. : 7286
Field : Architects Tenders Location : Bangalore
Tender Cost : View Tender Document Closing Date : 20-03-2018
Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for eligible Architect/Architectural Firm for IISc
Source : Newspaper
S.No 4 Tender Reference No. : 7241
Field : Valuation Tenders Location : Bangalore
Tender Cost : View Tender Document Closing Date : 14-12-2017
NIT for Service Charges for Valuation of ITI Properties in Bangalore.
Source : Website
S.No 5 Tender Reference No. : 7093
Field : Energy Meter Tenders Location : Belgaum
Tender Cost : View Tender Details Closing Date : 11-09-2017
Supply of LT Single Phase & Three Phase static Energy Meters & Deep Drawn Metal Box & Replacement of Single Phase & Three phase electro-Mechanical Meters by Static Energy Meters with Deep Drawn Metal Box for DDUGJY Scheme.
Source : Newspaper
S.No 6 Tender Reference No. : 7074
Field : Security Services Tenders Location : Bangalore
Tender Cost : Rs.472 lacs Closing Date : 11-08-2017
Engagement of Ex-servicemen Contract Security Personnel in FMD, Estate and Township area-Zone-I, HAL(BC).
Source : Newspaper
S.No 7 Tender Reference No. : 7012
Field : Currency Machines Tenders Location : Bangalore
Tender Cost : View Tender Details Closing Date : 09-07-2017
NIT for procurement of Note Sorting Machines
Source : Newspaper
S.No 8 Tender Reference No. : 6956
Field : Advertising & Publicity Tenders Location : Bengaluri
Tender Cost : View Tender Details Closing Date : 15-05-2017
Selectiion of Agency for grant of Advertisement Rights on Ordinary, Express, City Buses of KSRTC.
Source : Newspaper
S.No 9 Tender Reference No. : 6901
Field : Audio - Video Eqpts. Tenders Location : Bangalore
Tender Cost : Rs.190.00 Lacs Closing Date : 16-02-2017
Supply, Installation and maintenance of video conference systems at 9 prisons and 20 courts in Karnataka.
Source : Newspaper
S.No 10 Tender Reference No. : 6814
Field : Advertising & Publicity Tenders Location : Kaiga
Tender Cost : Rs.1,29,62,724.00 Closing Date : 03-09-2016
Empanelment of Advertising Agency in Kaiga Generating station.
Source : Newspaper
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